Video: fantastic shots of ‘The Gold We Love’ photo contest

The Gold We Love’ photo contest is over. Thanks to all the contestants for your marvelous shots! Each photo radiates happiness and love!

Specially for you we have compiled the most beautiful photos in one video. Can you spot familiar faces? Enjoy!

Have you congratulated our winner yet

Participating in competitions is always a challenge, a way to show the world your determination and competitive spirit!

We appreciate our customers who do not hesitate to participate in Global InterGold contests. You are all a role model worth following!

Customers from all over the world have been publishing their photos for 10 days on the contest page. Take a look!

Now we are happy to present you a video in which we have compiled the most beautiful and loving photos. Thank you so much! We feel your love!

Share these beautiful shots with your nearest and dearest!

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