The most exotic pictures from the Global InterGold St. Valentine's Day photo contest!

Why not take a picture when flying on a hot air balloon? Or not capture gold bars with the sea sunset in the background? Or maybe “El Beso” sculpture in Love Park in Lima is the best option?

We have selected the most exotic shots of the St. Valentine's Day photo contest. Look!

Big thanks to all the participants. You are the best!

We don't seem to stop being amazed by your creativity and infinite fantasy.

We receive photos from all over the world and feel the love you put in them. More then 200 photos have already adorned the contest page!

We have all kinds of photos in our gallery – mountains, waterfalls, seas, oceans... Our customers do capture breathtaking views: sometimes they fly on a hot air balloon, and sometimes they catch a rainbow in Love Park in Lima...

The only thing to add is gold and here it is, an ideal photo.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response!

We look forward to more bright photos!

Remember, the prize is a 5 GRAM GOLD BAR.

The contest conditions are here

Invite more friends. Each Like and Share gets you closer to victory and the coveted prize.

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