The Global Tour enters in triumph in Asia! First Global InterGold Malaysian event.

The Global Tour 2016 hits Asia! Malaysia has welcomed the first Global InterGold event in Asia and customers from Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Kuwait and other countries did not want to miss it!

Why did the Asian statistics show an outstanding growth in 2015? How will this Global Tour event help Asian customers reach a higher success in 2016?

Why are customers crazy about visiting Global Tour 2016 events?

The Global Tour has had a successful start in Asia. Dressed in their best business suits, hundreds of Global InterGold customers met at Swiss-Garden Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend the first Global InterGold conference in Asia.

The conference has featured speeches of the Director of Development for Global InterGold who shared the development business plans that took place throughout 2015 and the ideas to be implemented in 2016.

The charismatic director also invited many customers on stage to tell their ideas and try many interesting exercises that served as an example of how simple this business is and which are the main goals.

This two-day event was packed with information, education, business tips and everything necessary for Global InterGold customers develop their gold business and become a role model for their teams.

However, while the first day was more focused on information about the company and gold business, the second day stood out for its festive atmosphere. Global InterGold customers arrived at Swiss-Garden hotel in colorful and golden traditional dresses ready for the Leaders Awarding Ceremony!

Nothing proves the succes of a business better than customers' reviews and stories!

One of the favorite moments of everyone on the first day was with 7 Global InterGold customers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kuwait and more countries were invited on stage to share their success stories.

Regardless of their experience in gold business, they all shared the same a strong spirit to follow their dreams and never give up! Without a doubt, this round of stories touched the audience deeply.

The Leaders Award Ceremony was the most anticipated moment on the second day. About 40 leaders lived a moment of glory when the Global InterGold management handed them over Global InterGold branded gold watches!

This is a huge step that shows the steady and high growth of the gold business in Asia. The Ceremony motivated everyone to keep developing their business with perseverance!

What about the free time? Excitement and joy filled the air at Swiss-Garden hall! There were lively conversations about the new information they had received and, as it could not be otherwise, they left reviews and expressed their excitement with the Global InterGold world.

There are messages for everyone in the videos!

Do you want to know more about the event that has revolutionized the business in Asia? Click here!

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