«I want to go to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017!»

Your neighbours and friends go on holidays every summer, and you stay at home because you could not save enough money?

Tell yourself: “I want to go to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017!”. Participate in the Leadership Competition and win an exotic vacation together with other Global InterGold leaders.

What kind of competition is it? How to participate? How to win a free ticket to Asia? Find out!

The Grand Winter Voyage Competition is for Global InterGold leaders to compete for an extraordinary prize: a trip to the Golden Asia at the expense of the company together with other successful businessmen from all over the world.

What do you need to do to win and win the prize?

First, convince yourself that you want to increase your level of income and help others do the same. Assume the role of a true leader.

Do not try to bring well-being to every home in the world. Start with yourself. Think what you want to achieve - set a goal. It can be an expensive car, a big apartment or a house, beautiful branded clothes, something special for your children, or some detail you have always dreamed of. This goal will be your guiding star and source of motivation.

Write down daily tasks to achieve your goal. You can follow this example:

  • Present the business to yourself in front of a mirror;
  • Watch training videos about business development 
  • Read news and articles about gold and business on the news website
  • Register in many social networks and develop your business online;
  • Write down a list of the people you know to present them the business;
  • Call all the people in your list;
  • Talk to at least 5 different people every day;
  • Teach your direct referrals what you know.

In the Grand Winter Voyage Competition, success does not come when you are alone. Your success is your team's success. The Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition is an opportunity for your team to climb the ladder! These competitions unite and motivate every team to compete for victory.

Leaders have to understand that success comes when the team achieves goals thanks to his leadership efforts.

The Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition started on December 15.

Show that you are a leader
Develop your structures
Believe in your victory and your team's
Be a role model
Become one of 30 winners.

We believe in you!

We will be happy to see you in the winners' list.

We wish you the greatest success!

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