Gold breaks a record. What's your gold worth?

Gold joined in the celebration of St. Valentine's Day declaring its love for many people with a 5-year record!

Big news if you own gold, and a heads-up for those who have not yet bought it!

Gold by a long shot continues to be the safest bet when it comes to protect money.

Despite being a commodity which revenues are expected in the long-term, more often than not, it surprises us with new records.

On February 11 gold prices reached the incredible sum of $1,237.92 per ounce. As a comparison, the previous record took place on May 17 when prices raised up to $1,224.45 per ounce.

What is a 1-ounce gold bar worth, then?

Had you bought a gold bar, let's stay last December 1 when the price was at its lowest, today we would be speaking of almost $200 benefit per ounce.

Obviously, those who understand the importance of gold buy in large volume – and did it as soon as they had the chance.

Does this mean it is too late to buy gold?

Absolutely not. In light of the current international economic situation, experts can only guesstimate what will happen to this precious metal, but everything points out that gold prices are on the rise.

The purchase of gold is all the rage in 2016! Will jump on this golden bandwagon?

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