Global Tour 2016: On the equator of success!

The Global Tour 2016 is traveling throughout Latin America and made quite an unforgettable stop in the middle of the world.

Ecuador welcomed the Global InterGold Global Tour 2016 in a very special way. What happened at the event in Quito?

The Global Tour 2016 is at the halfway point of route in Latin America and both Global InterGold management and customers have more energy than ever!

The Global InterGold event in Ecuador has been a runaway success!

Each attendant learned the novelties and the most important information from the Global InterGold management; as well as the best business tips that every successful business needs, from the Global InterGold leaders.

Let's not forget that these events are celebrated under the slogan of "Leadership Development" and everyone has the chance to become the best leader!

Do not miss the best details of the event: The Global Tour crosses the Equator in Quito!

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