The final Global InterGold reviews of the past year – at Global Christmas 2015, Saint Petersburg!

“We are happy to be here, and we are happy to be a part of this grandiose event and this gold business!” such phrases were repeated again and again by the Global Christmas 2015 attendees in their reviews about Global InterGold during the festive celebration of Christmas and New Year's Eve in the cultural capital of Russia.

Learn, what secrets did the guests of the event share in front of the camera!
Global Christmas 2015 summed up the results of the year and became the place to announce bold and large-scale plans for the next year. Not only the company managers and leaders shared their thoughts, but also the active clients.

The participants recorded reviews about Global InterGold in the center of Saint Petersburg. They started with the lobby of the Astoria hotel, proceeding after to the Four Seasons hotel – making videos with the ice samovar (Russian traditional tea-pot) and barrels with caviar at the background, and near a Christmas tree in the conference hall right after hot dances!

The final Global InterGold reviews of the past year became a proof of the clients' confidence in gold and their business. In 2016, they focus on even higher results and even more rapid income growth!

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