Global InterGold Christmas photo competition is over! Check the Top 3!

Our Global InterGold Christmas photo competition is over and we are ready to announce the names of the three winners who have presented us the most dazzling and golden Christmas trees!

The photos on the official Global InterGold Instagram account have already dozens of 'Likes'!

Dear customers,

Thank you for your lovely Golden Christmas photos! Thank you for your participation and Christmas wishes!

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and would like to wish you a happy new year full of success and prosperity! Let's start this year together with golden victories!

We are glad to present you the Top 3 Christmas photos in Global InterGold style:




Congratulations to our winners! You have spent Christmas holidays in the best Global InterGold Style and we wish you every golden achievement in 2016!

This year, new competitions and prizes lie ahead of us! Get ready for our next competition on Saint Valentine's Day. We will publish the rules soon.

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