The Global Christmas Convention 2015 will start in a minute!

The registration for the Global Christmas 2015 is over! In a short time the doors to the conference hall will open, and the guests will take their seats to partake in this special, Christmas conference and to find out the up-to-the-minute news on the gold business!

At 11 am St. Petersburg time, one hour before the conference, in The Astoria hotel, Saint Petersburg, the registration for the concluding event of 2015, Global Christmas Convention 2015, started. During an hour’s time guests from different countries were arriving at the hotel for it.

Among those registered for the Saint Petersburg Global InterGold event there were representatives of Russia, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Georgia, Colombia, and other countries! The clients are rubbing their hands in impatience, looking forward to the concluding conference of this year. The atmosphere of holidays and inspiration is all around.

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