The final conference of the year — Global Christmas Convention 2015 – is over!

Clients from 16 countries took part in the Global Christmas Convention 2015! The guests learned recent news and plans for the next year and now prepare their best outfits for the Global Christmas Ball 2015, which is about to start!

For Global InterGold Russia is a special place, as here the Online Gold Shop was launched, and now the clients celebrate Christmas and New Year there.

The grandiose conference has just finished. The range of countries the residents of which took part in it includes Russia, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Panama, Estonia, Peru, France, and other countries! 

Four outstanding leaders – Julia Beikina, Ostap Pechenyi, Antonio Manuel Buendia, and Oleg Ulyanov – were given a round of applause, as much as the Online Gold Shop management. Now everyone is anticipating the ceremonial part, the Global Christmas Ball 2015, to feel the magic of the winter gold fairytale!

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