Idea for a business trip: visit the Global InterGold office!

The Grand Presentation 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland was a real box of surprises. What about the gold bars presented as gifts to clients and that turned out to be the invitations to the office inauguration? The event will be remembered for many magic moments.

What was the best of the office inauguration?

The Grand Presentation 2015 was a great inspiration for the clients. 21st September was a day full of emotions for every attendee, making it truly difficult to choose the best moment. Still, the Award Ceremony is always a memorable moment, and even more so considering that the gold bars in the Global InterGold branded packaging awarded to clients turned out to be the tickets for the event of the following day!

The following day, every participant with gold bars in hand were welcomed to witness the inauguration of the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich. The Swiss city was chosen among others for being one of Europe's main financial centers and being related to gold production.

Upon their arrival, the guests were greeted by the friendly administrator who was glad to show the office premises. The office is decorated in a minimalist style with Global InterGold signs and photographies of gold bars on the walls, and equipped with the latest technology.

The clients had the chance to see the marketing and media studio, check the newest promotional materials, visit the President's office and the conference room. But there was one room that left them all wide-eyed.

The Gold ShowRoom became the highlight of the visits. The showcase displays a variety of gold bars and gold products and the guests had the chance to share the visit to the room and a champagne toast with the President and the Director of Development.

The authorities made a speech ending with the slogan:“Gold, the real money!”, after which they proceeded to cut the golden inaugural ribbon.

When the visit approached the end, the authorities thanked them for the visit and reminded them they – and every Global InterGold client – are always welcome to the office.

The Global InterGold representative office is always open for visits by prior arrangement. It is located in the Weisses Schloss, White Castle in English, in Zurich, Switzerland. Send an appointment request on the official website to arrange a visit:

Read the official article about the Grand Presentation 2015: Grand Opening of the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich Switzerland

Let success be always on your side!

Gold, the real money!

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