How to get rich? 5 steps to success from the Global InterGold experts

We were born equal, and it means everyone of us can make money. So, why some people achieve success, and others don't? Is it social or financial status that matters, or are there other reasons?

There is a range of opinions on this issue, but experts share one thing in common: you have to start with yourself. To attain financial welfare you have to change your mindset first. So, here you are the Top 5 steps to success and financial welfare.

1. To get rich, you have to want it

It seems obvious, but it's not quite so. On one hand, everyone will say “Yes” if asked whether he or she wants to get rich, but on the other hand, our subconsciousness has its own idea of wanting things. It can create obstacles based on common stereotypes, such as “I don't know how to do it”, “I'm to old for this” and so on. In fact, these obstacles are mostly made-up, and if they really exist, they can be overcome. A keen desire to achieve your goal is a powerful motivation to do so.

2. Why do I want to get rich?

The Why question is also crucial. Without knowing the answer to this question people work hard and uselessly, forgetting about working smarter, not harder. Targeted actions are far more effective than purposeless.

3. Avoid negative emotions

When thinking about how to get rich you might start blaming everyone else in your failures. This is a mistake. Negative emotions are unproductive; besides, by blaming others you place responsibility for your life on them, thus admitting you can't change it. Don't blame circumstances, people or stars, be the owner of your life.

4. Create opposites

From physics we know that energy appears where there is plus and minus. The same is with getting rich: minus is what you don't want, and plus is the dream you aim at. Plus and minus combined and thought over create motivation and energy for achieving your goals.

5. Money can't buy happiness?

There is some truth in the statement that money don't make people happy. However, money give people freedom to do what they like, and what's more interesting, this is a favorite phrase of those who don't know how to become rich.

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