Global Christmas 2015: the lively year-end celebration which drew business people from 16 countries!

Global Christmas 2015: the international scale event for Global InterGold customers held in two 5-start hotels in the heart of St Petersburg!

Global Christmas tickets were sold out in a matter of hours!

Global InterGold customers from diverse corners of the planet streamed into the Russian city of St Petersburg dressed in their regional traditional costumes.

Read the article and see the most vivid pictures of the event!

Global Christmas 2015 has been a great business event – and the last of 2015 for Global InterGold customers!

The event consisted of two parts:

- Global Christmas Convention 2015, held at the 5-star Astoria hotel;
- Global Christmas Ball, held in one of the most fashionable hotels of Russia, Four Seasons.

During the course of the event, the management announced the annual results and the ambitious plans for the forthcoming year. The attendants committed to pursue these high goals and demonstrated it with a rousing applause!

The attendees of the event shared Global InterGold reviews and their secrets of success with the official cameras; they also took photos in an informal and friendly environment, enjoying every second of the event!

The second part of the event was held at Four Seasons, one of the most expensive and ritziest hotels of Russia. The guests arrived dressed in their finest evening clothes and the most daring wore the traditional costumes of their countries, piquing the curiosity of the hotel staff and noteworthy guests.

On their arrival, the lobby was waiting for them wrapped in an atmosphere of sophistication, with a wide variety of gourmet snacks worthy of the best Russian cuisine. The guests savored exquisite caviar and typical drinks from an icy samovar (a Russian tea urn) waiting for the opening of the ball!

The Christmas Ball started with exotic and professional dances and the jokes of the presenter. More than 20 talented artists performed for the audience!

This event set a very high benchmark for the future events of Global InterGold. As the Russian saying goes: “your year shall be as how you celebrate the first day!”

Start 2016 in the most lively way as our guests!

Let your financial dreams come true in 2016!

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