The thrilling Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition has started!

The summer of 2016, the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop will award the 25 boldest clients with an exceptional gift for winning the Grand Summer Voyage Competition.

The competition officially started on October 15 and every Online Gold Shop client has the chance to win the most wonderful journey of their life. All it takes is working with even greater passion!

We would like to share the good news with you all: from October 15 your success and contribution to the gold business development bring you closer to the holiday of your dreams – to get on board the luxurious Harmony of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean fleet for the Grand Summer Voyage 2016!

From dreamers to winners!

Admire the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean coast!

The greatest cruise liner in the world!

Use this opportunity to increase you income and set off on a journey with Global InterGold!

What is the key to victory? Constant progress, self-improvement, dedication and the desire to help others are crucial every day of the competition. Be brave to pave your way to victory!

Every client who remains firmly committed to improve his life and the lives of other people and who helps others reach high results, is already a winner. In this Competition everybody wins in the fight for a better life!

The Competition period lasts until June 1, 2016 -- 7 and a half months to become a role model for your team, for being their real source of motivation and inspiration.

Are you dreaming of achieving high results and get on board the first class Harmony of the Seas next summer with all your team?

Energy, belief in your strength and constant progress will be your best companions in the Grand Summer Voyage Competition. This is the most exciting motivation to grow personally and professionally!

Read the conditions of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition!

Prove you are a winner!
You can do it!

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