How to wear a gold watch to boost your income?

Statistics have shown that people who wear a good watch tend to earn more money. What is the main reason? Expert stylists advise how to wear your watch in the best way to project a good image of you and grow your business.

Wrist watches are a symbol of wealth ever since they appeared around the 19th Century. Back then, this timepiece could just be afforded by upper classes. Nowadays it stands as a symbol of style, elegance and practicality.

A good watch is a fundamental accessory for a professional look for the business world – but that requires to wear the watch that suits you the best. Expert stylists always give the following tips:

  1. Your watch has to match your outfit – and a business-oriented outfit requires a watch with style. Global InterGold Leaders Watches are ideal to show your belonging to the gold business elite and create a favorable first impression for potential clients.
  2. The size of the watch should adapt to your wrist. A big watch is not good for a thin wrist and vice versa. If you can't choose among many, a middle-sized one is always a good option.
  3. How to wear a watch with long-sleeved clothes? In a formal environment, men should wear their watch under the cuff and women can wear it under and above the sleeve.
  4. The color of your watch should match the color of your jewelry, if worn. When wearing golden jewelry, it is better to wear a gold watch.
  5. Why do people tend to wear the watch on the left wrist? It is usually recommended to wear the watch on the wrist of the less used arm not to interfere with movements. For right-handed people that'd be their left arm and vice versa.
Follow these recommendations and give the best image of you!

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