5 Ways to Enhance your Professional Image and Boost your Earnings!

Science has proven that “to be successful, you have to look successful.” For that, there are 5 effective ways to enhance your professional image and thus promote your business.

Discover these 5 simple ways!

According to the results of a scientific experiment conducted by Laura Fruhen, psychologist, in October 2015 your professional image highly influences in your business.

More than 2600 people took part in the experiment. They were divided in two groups. One group had to assess the attractiveness of some people in pictures displayed, and the other one had to guess their level of income. The result specified that the people indicated more attractive, were the ones thought to receive higher income.

How can professional image be improved to help your business grow?

1. Neatness. Your clothes, shoes, hairstyle... everything should be clean and pleasing in appearance.

2. Business style. Following a business formal dress code is an indirect way of telling people you are a serious and reliable person.

3. Individuality. Be natural and follow your own style, never copying others.

4. Watch. Gold watches have always been a sign of high status. The Global InterGold Leaders Watches emphasize one's belonging to the gold elite.

5. Overall successful appearance. Good looks give you self-confidence which is the key to conquering new peaks of the business.

Let time be always on your side with the Global InterGold Leaders Watches!

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