The tremendous opportunity to go to this Summer greatest adventure: Grand Summer Voyage 2016!

Next Summer 2016 adventure awaits the 25 boldest and most successful Global InterGold clients!

From October to June, you have the chance to prove your worth in gold business, climb the ladder, get your leadership status if you haven't yet, increase your income and best of all – be awarded with The Grand Summer Voyage 2016!

Do you dare to take the challenge?

Global InterGold is proud of the achievements of every client and leader and now is willing to give an outstanding award to the 25 winners of the Summer Competition!
The 25 winners will cross the Mediterranean sea on board the high class Harmony of the Seas, pride of the Royal Caribbean fleet, disembarking in the ports of the most gorgeous cities of the coast – luxurious vacation days in the best company!

What are the main requirements to win this extraordinary award?

Are you ready to ride over the Mediterranean waves? Set short and long-term goals for your business!

Are you willing to drink a cocktail by the swimming pool? Support and help your team achieve their objectives and success!

Are you prepared for the most exciting adventures? Focus on your pursue of a secured financial future!

Do not let this opportunity pass you by to enjoy a unique and one-of-a-kind holidays!

For more details read the following article in the official Global InterGold website: The hottest competition for the main prize of next summer has started: Grand Summer Voyage 2016!

Become a true winner!

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  1. It will be a great event. As greas as Grand Presentation in Zurich!

  2. I take this challange, and i will go there!

  3. Good luck everyone! Challenge accepted! See you there!


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