Guide through the official Global InterGold YouTube channels

Do you want to find information for business purposes? Do you want to get the latest and most important information but it seems too difficult?

Follow this guide to know how the Global InterGold YouTube channels work and find all the information you need!

Today's world is overflowing with information to the point that it can be truly hard to find what you are looking for. The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop offers several information resources such as YouTube channels – and now considering the needs of the clients, it has prepared a convenient guide for everyone!

Where to start?

1) Type in ; then type in YouTube's search line: Global InterGold TV.

2) Choose the official Global InterGold channel and go to the official page. There you can learn about the Online Gold Shop novelties.

The Online Gold Shop as a main channel and a channel of reviews, mainly in Russian, English, Spanish and Italian.

The main channel is intended for videos recorded at the most important international events, and informative videos about opportunities and tools to move forward in business.

The review channel includes a wide variety of comments and stories of success from clients from 5 continents in different languages.

3) For your convenience, videos have subtitles in different languages. To switch them on, choose any video and press the "cogwheel" sign.

4) Now let's return to the homepage of the channel. There is a section with all the videos and playlists separated by topic and different events.

5) Do you like a video and want to comment it? You can log in to your account and leave comments below the videos.



Many Global InterGold clients leave their UID numbers in video comments. What is it? It is the registration number of clients that you have to include when registering to be a Global InterGold client. Usually, sponsors give this UID to their potential clients. If you are not a client yet, but you want to register and do not have a sponsor to give you their UID, you can copypaste any UID from the comments and use it when registering. If you are looking for an UID but can't find any, you can write any YouTube Global InterGold user and client, or in social networks and ask for a number.

If you want to access Global InterGold social networks, in the right top corner of the page you will find the icons. Press them to access the official pages: Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram.

6) Press the icon of a social network if you want to go to the official resource

7) Last step. Subscribe to the official Global InterGold YouTube channel to stay updated with information about the gold world and Global InterGold. For that, press the Subscribe button.

We hope this guide will help you find everything you need on the official Global InterGold YouTube channels!

Enjoy the videos!

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