Gold properties beyond the laws of physics

The list of gold's properties goes on and on. Which extraordinary characteristics have been recently discovered by scientists? How can gold be used to improve and transform lives around the globe?

Gold is not just a yellow metal utilized for beautiful jewelry. The list of its useful properties keeps growing with new scientific researches expanding its use in different sectors.

One of the most revolutionary discoveries of the 21st Century is the possibility to change its molecular structure.

What made it possible to change the molecular structure of gold?

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that the molecular structure of gold can be changed applying an electric field. After applying this technique, the metal is able restore its own structure.

During this process, the metal can turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide while it acts both like electric conductor and insulator. Apart from that, scientists also studied gold's magnetic properties.

Where can these gold properties be put to use?

The main use is intended for industry - in particular, complex electronic and technological devices.

Gold is widely used not only in industry, dentistry, jewelry, etc. but also in the financial one where its characteristics help many people achieve well-being worldwide.

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