Jesse Felder: the earlier you buy gold, the better

It is not a secret that gold prices have been chaotic lately. After the last decrease they grew again hitting a 3-week record. What to expect in the near future?

Jesse Felder, expert on finance and a co-owner of a hedge-fund in California, shared ideas on how to handle gold. Read the expert's opinion.

Gold prices and stocks of gold mining companies are not as high as investors would like. Yet, the experienced finance expert Jesse Felder suggest to look at the situation from a different angle.

His idea could be briefly formulated as follows: a general atmosphere of fear owing to a lasting unstable condition of the market, ought to be taken advantage of for being greedy. What does that mean?

It means that while non-experienced or rushed investors focus on temporary difficulties, people who are aware of the gold market mechanism continue buying gold.

Felder claims that now some people have a negative attitude towards gold, and when buyers lose interest towards goods, their price decreases. Nonetheless, this lower price leads to an increase of the interest of the product.

The overall picture of gold prices statistics shows their growth in the long-term. Felder points out that the gold industry is going currently through a bad patch, but the growth of gold prices is just a matter of time.

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