Events dedicated to the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop all around Mexico

The month of August is supposed a relaxed months for holidays, but Mexican Global InterGold leaders are the exception that proves that rule!

This traveling group of leaders have become the heart of life in every city where now hundreds of people know the advantages of the gold business. Find out more about these great events!

The tight schedule of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop clients started on August 4th . Mexico City had the honor to welcome the event of Global InterGold.

On 8 and 9, the citizens of Tijuana, dressed professionally for the occasion, had the chance to get acquainted with the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, and on 10 and 11 the Summit of Leaders University was held in Tepic, specially for helping leaders develop their business.

On August 12 in Guadalajara, the public had the matchless opportunity to listen to stories of success of leaders. On 13 and 14 the Summit of Leaders University was celebrated. On 15, another Summit was celebrated in León.

On August 17, no less than 200 people stopped in Zacatecas – gorgeous city in the north-central Mexico – to attend this magnificent event. All the guests had the honor to listen the speeches of great leaders about the Online Gold Shop functioning.

All the events have been dedicated to stories of success which truly inspired the audience and acknowledgements of every client's accomplisments and contribution to the development of the gold business. The team was also proud to announce the welcome of more clients to a particular elite club.

And the schedule continues in Toluca, Tuxla Gutiérrez, Chilpancingo and Oaxtepec until the end of September, with more events of joy, recognition for a job well done, interesting conversations and achievement of the common goal of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

The leaders who organized these events use every opportunity the Global InterGold offers, including the promotional materials such as the roll up banners with the brand of the Online Gold Shop, which added another touch of professionality to every conference.

Follow the events the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop clients organize around the world and do not miss any of the news:

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