(part 4) Factors which influence the gold market with 100% guarantee

Those of you who have read the previous articles regarding gold prices drivers know in detail 7 essential factors. But, the more, the merrier! Especially when it concerns such complicated market mechanisms.

Read the last of this series of articles about the trigger mechanisms of gold market and put theory into practice!

Global InterGold: the influence of the US currency

For several decades the U.S. dollar has been the dominant reserve currency on the planet, turning it into one of the most attractive currencies on the international trade arena. The price of gold and the strength of the dollar are two opposing forces: the strength of the dollar weakens the precious metal, and when the latter gains ground, the dollar loses its appeal.

What is good about inflation?

Inflation is the increase in prices of goods and services, which at the same time decreases the cost of money. However, if money ought to be backed by an asset , it would be wise to do so with an asset not influenced by the same external factors that impact on currencies. Therefore when inflation rises if people bought gold that money would be secure becoming at the same time in a solid basis for a stable economic future.

Global crisis is not a reason to panic

The yellow metal is considered by experts – and has been proven along history – as a shield against any economic and geopolitical storms of all kinds. In the midst of global crisis of any kind gold becomes a fortress for wealth that weathers any storm.

The clients of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop are fully aware of the advantages the precious metal offers, and for that they buy physical gold bars of the highest quality under the most profitable conditions in the Internet Shop.

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